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Attack Type
-Healing Frosting
Damage Taken Modifiers
Poison:  ?%

Cupcakes can be encountered as enemies or can be playable/recruitable units. [1] They are living cupcakes with various flavors.

Abilities and Attributes[edit | edit source]

A Cupcake healing an ally.
  • Cupcakes do not attack enemies. Instead, they attempt to fling up to two scoops of their delicious icing at allies.
    • Their range is 2 hexes.
    • They prioritize the unit with the lowest health.
    • Throwing their icing hurts the cupcakes for 1 damage per toss.
    • The frosting can miss the target, healing an adjacent unit (be it ally or enemy) or landing on the ground, where it may later be picked up by anyone who moves on top of it.
  • Cupcakes on low health regenerate 2 health on their team's turn.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Cupcake frosting cannot heal lifeless units (Electrobots, Zombies), although Wraiths still enjoy their frosting.
  • Cupcakes cannot directly heal other cupcakes. Any cupcake may however walk on fallen frosting to heal up.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Playing with:

Cupcakes can mount Spidaurs to keep their precious health safe. Be on the lookout for Area of Effect damage, as it will hurt both the Spidaur and its rider.

Having a Cupcake trades having available fighting units for a healer, reducing the amount of units able to block enemies. With Cupcakes often being priority for the enemy, it is even more important to have a good position to fend off attackers so they don't reach the healer. Cupcakes generate a lot of health, each regenerated point means as much as 10 for the team, making them extra important to keep safe, which pays off in long battles.

Playing against:

Cupcakes have very poor defense and their health is worth more than it appears. Indeed, every point of damage dealt to them stops them from turning that health into around 6 for a friendly unit, boosting the effective damage done significantly! Targeting enemy Cupcakes should be priority.

Mortar units can try to land shots without having to go through the melee units that generally defend a Cupcake.

Cosmetics[edit | edit source]

The player may customize the headgear and frosting pattern of a Cupcake.

Notice: To add cosmetics, please edit the Template below at Template:CupcakeCosmetics, add a file with a square resolution with the name "itemnameCosmetics.png", and add the cosmetic to the table as an MP nolink template.


picture name
Cupcake beach ball.jpg Beach Ball
Cupcake choco chuncks.jpg Choco Chunks
Cupcake polka bow.jpg Polka Bow


picture frosting
Cupcake vanilla.jpg Vanilla
Cupcake chocolate.jpg Chocolate
Cupcake strawberry.jpg Strawberry
Cupcake rasberry swirl.jpg Raspberry Swirl
Cupcake sorbet.jpg Sorbet
Cupcake leftovers.jpg Leftovers
Cupcake taste of victory.jpg Taste Of Victory (Pit Reward)

Journal Entry[edit | edit source]

A delicious little healer. When they fling frosting they are actually sacrificing their own health.

Notable Characters[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to loading screen text, the sweets had a war with the Electrobots. "The Gluco-Robo Wars were a real bummer." General Custard participated and mentions the war during a string of side-missions.
  • It is possible for Cupcakes to kill themselves as a result of their self-damage while healing. (Bug)
  • As a Cupcake's health gets low, the height of their frosting reduces, eventually disappearing at very low health.

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