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Vampiress Portrait.png
Bonus vs. Bleeding
Health Leech
Take Flight
Attack Type
-Feeding Bite
Damage Taken Modifiers
Sharp Weapons: +33%

Vampiresses can be encountered as enemies or can be a playable/recruitable unit. They are bat-like creatures with a thirst for blood.[1]

Abilities and Attributes[edit | edit source]

  • Vampiresses can move by flying, allowing them to move 2 hexes farther and skip obstacles like other flying units, by holding the command button ('A' on Controller, 'Mouse 1' on Keyboard/Mouse). They must land at the end of their move.
    • Flying will hurt the Vampiress.
  • Attacking heals the Vampiress by a percentage of the damage done, but this does not work on lifeless targets (Electrobots, Wraiths, Zombies, Cupcakes)
  • Vampiresses get up to 66% bonus damage and life-steal on bleeding units (low health). This does not work on lifeless targets, however.
  • Vampiresses are vulnerable to sharp objects.
  • They resist an unknown amount of cupcake healing as it's not their preferred type of healing.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Playing with:

Vampiresses are excellent for picking off weakened enemies. They strive on bleeding units, healing a lot on every hit on vulnerable foes. It is recommended to keep your Vampiresses safe during the early game, do not allow them to get hurt too much, as they are fragile and can fall quite easily. Keep them surrounded by allies, and don't allow them to be surrounded alone.

Instead, have more sturdy units lower the health of enemies so the Vampiresses can swoop in and feed, dealing very good damage and receiving a lot of healing. Let your Vampiresses feed on very low units while you use your other fighters on more healthy enemies.

Playing against:

Vampiresses are vulnerable to ranged and sharp weapons. They are also ineffective against lifeless targets. Using Zombies to block them in, disabling their healing attacks, is very effective.

It is often a good idea to try to focus enemy Vampiresses down as soon as possible, as they are quite easy to fell and become a huge threat in mid and late game.

Trying to recruit:

Have a long rage that can not melee with some decent amount of HP and lure the vampiress and let it just punch it the whole time while you kill the other ones in the enemy team. I recomend you use this strategy pretty early.

Cosmetics[edit | edit source]

Notice: To add cosmetics, please edit the Template below at Template:VampiressCosmetics, add a file with a square resolution with the name "itemnameCosmetics.png", and add the cosmetic to the table as an MP nolink template.

Image Name
None (Default)
Baby on Board
Blood Punk
Candy Cane
Pink Bow
Vampiress bragger.jpg Bragger
Vampiress technovamp.jpg Technovamp
Vampiress myth cluster.jpg Myth Cluster
Vampiress juicy merdure.jpg Juice Merdure
Image Name
None (Default)
A Little Something
Vampiress feral.jpg Feral
Vampiress fire patrol.jpg Fire Patrol
Vampiress flower girl.jpg Flower Girl
Vampiress enforcer.jpg Enforcer
Vampiress ironhawk.jpg Goldhawk (Pit Reward)
Golden Gold (Pit Reward)
Mole Face (Pit Reward)

Journal Entry[edit | edit source]

The Vampiress is invigorated by the smell of blood. The more something is bleeding, the more damage she will do. She regains a percantage of her damage as health.

Notable Characters[edit | edit source]

Lieutenant Splurt

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